"We enable our customers to make better business decisions by building world class Business Intelligence and Reporting Solutions"

As business gets more competitive, executive management faces the task of sifting through enormous amounts of data, hidden in multitudes of operational and historical legacy systems, to make informed decisions. Chetu's Business Intelligence and Reporting solutions encompassing optimally designed Data Marts or Enterprise Data Warehouses address these challenges, providing comprehensive and qualitative information. Our reports are used by management to effectively monitor and plan the health of their business.

Through its business analysis and technical expertise Chetu has built world-class and highly scalable solutions for our customers. Such solutions include

  • Creation and design of custom reports,
  • Scheduling and automation of report generation,
  • Implementation of data-marts and data warehouses from enterprise data for effective mining,
  • Creation of intelligent 'cubes',
  • Data Migration, including ETL (Extract, Transformation, and Loading) and database integration,
  • Data Cleansing, and Quality assessment.

Chetu uses the GDSS methodology in implementing BI & Reporting solutions as well as maintaining existing ones. The GDSS model allows activities like logical design, physical design, data modeling and ETL design to be done by offshore. This is not only cost effective but also provides round the clock monitoring and early morning system health reports to be available for management.

Chetu's on-demand services allow our customers to get custom reports generated and deployed on a pay-as-you-need basis. Customers do not have to employ full-time and expensive staff to get custom reports from the Enterprise system.

With more than 20 years of business analysis and data mining expertise, our capabilities stretch across various industry horizontals and verticals. Be it MRP report generation for Manufacturing units or Stock Status Report for distribution companies our experience helps us build quick, quality reports at a fractional cost. Our business analysts work closely with customers to identify requirements and suggest Best Practices through their experience with global clients.

Chetu's technical team has in-depth strength in data mining across several databases and/or database independent layers. Apart from working with standard RDBMS' like Oracle, SQL Server, DB2 and Sybase, our technical team has extensive experience working with Multi-value databases and custom databases. Our team has experience using industry-standard tools like Actuate, MicroStrategy, Business Objects, Ab-Initio, Informatica, COGNOS, DataStage, Trillium, FirstLogic and others.

Chetu's solution provides a combination of real-time or batch mode architecture based on the reporting needs and customer requirements.

  • Batch mode: The most preferred and recommended architecture for mining information. It involves use of batch jobs to port Enterprise data into stand-alone data warehouse systems. Such architecture isolates the production system from complex and sometimes resource intensive queries. Additionally, batch jobs are configured to "flatten" the database for faster report generation. However, on the flip-side data used for reporting is as old as the most recent batch job.
  • Real-time: Reports are generated off the enterprise database in real-time. Even though highly accurate, such architectures have the basic flaw of impacting production systems. By generating reports off the Enterprise in real-time such reports can slow down the day-to-day operations. However, such architectures are sometimes used to generate low-impact real-time reports.


Chetu's BI and Reporting Advantage

  • Cost Savings: Reduced Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) due to the use of offshore team.
  • Pay-as-you-need services: Use services as and when needed. Customers pay for services only when needed. No need to maintain expensive employees on payroll.
  • Business Analysis expertise: In house Analysts from various verticals bring in the business best practices prevalent in the industry.
  • Business Analysis expertise: In house Analysts from various verticals bring in the business best practices prevalent in the industry.
  • Technical expertise: Trends, tools and a large knowledge base developed through similar Data Warehousing engagements with global clients
  • One-stop solution: Chetu team members with wide range of business and technical expertise add value on a need basis.
  • Availability and monitoring: Available 24x7, allows BI reports to be available early morning.