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Global Development and Support Services

Chetu provides its customers unique competitive advantages through the use of global resources. Our GDSS model is a two-step process that 1) breaks the assignment into logical components and, 2) distributes these components geographically, to perform where it creates maximum value through cost-savings and across time-zones.

The cost savings are immediate and phenomenal. Our offshore development center provides our customers with an estimated minimum 50% cost reduction as compared to the use of local onshore resources. At times this value can be higher. Part of the savings allows you to invest in more quality time for the definition and design phase of the solution. This increases your odds of gaining a competitive advantage. Further, savings from the GDSS model allows you to invest in pilot projects, project/product feasibility and prototyping which you couldn't have because of resource constraints. This adds to your competitive advantage as well.

Added to that is the advantage of working through multiple time-zones. Our offshore development center handles teams working through 24 hour shifts. As a result, delivery time is much faster. Our teams work in your time-zone providing quick turnarounds and removing the communication gap typical of other offshore providers. Our on-shore liaisons add value by reducing the interface complexities thereby providing the same service as you would get from an onshore service provider. With our state-of-the-art infrastructure and already established secure communication channels between onshore and offshore, offshore resources become virtually an extended IT team for your organization.

Differentiating Factors From Other Providers

  • We work in YOUR time zone.
  • We are an ONSHORE company, governed by local laws, with a solid history and unsurpassed track record.
  • We maintain a world-class offshore infrastructure with capability to securely connect and work as an IT extension of your organization.
  • We have the best in industry resources with strong academic background, industry experience and high work-ethics.
  • Our onshore resources work as liaisons with you and reduce the interface complexities.
  • Our years of experience bring immediate maturity to your offshore experience.
  • We maintain home-grown and proprietary project implementation guidelines that form the backbone for project delivery.
  • We maintain the highest quality standards and strict guidelines.

We split tasks into clearly defined sub modules that are cohesive internally, but need to interface as little as possible with other modules; this "intelligent work breakdown" forms the backbone to a smoothly functioning GDSS model. Through clearly defined roles, responsibilities and tasks, project tracking, quality and deliverables are much easier with clearly identifiable goals. Years of delivery has matured this model providing the best services to our customers.

Rather than a brute force approach we understand and are sensitive to the need of direct onshore customer interaction for each delivery stage. Following section briefly outlines Chetu's unique GDSS model

Dynamics of GDSS

The Global Development and Support Services model offers the "best of both worlds" approach in implementing IT solutions. The key components include

  • Offshore development center comprising of state-of-the-art infrastructure handling both day and night shifts. The development center is securely connected to onshore client location through primary and backup communication channels.
  • One or more onshore / onsite liaisons that work directly with the client. Liaisons are highly qualified folks with strong experience in project management and business analysis.

Chetu's pre-established secure and reliable communication platform becomes the backbone for interaction. Offshore team(s) work as a virtual IT extension to customer's organization. Through the involvement of an onsite liaison the customer interaction and project management is done onsite. Customers with established IT teams may or may not choose to directly interact with the offshore team making them part of their day-to-day activities and processes. If needed, adequate onsite training can be provided to the offshore team as well.

Chetu's project implementation procedures and guidelines ensure clear role demarcation and deliverables. It maintains constant customer interaction through timely milestones and checkpoints.


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