As market shifts, competition and technological developments usher in unprecedented changes in the financial services industry, players are having to gear up to meet new challenges that will help them remain competitive. At the same time, financial institutions must adhere to an increasing number of regulatory guidelines to guard against a marked increase in the number and nature of risks. Financial institutions and service providers must not only adapt to the new environment but to beat competition they must harness new technologies to provide superior customer offerings and streamline internal processes.

The Chetu solution draws on a remarkable range of skills and perspectives. From business consulting to domain understanding; from pre-defined solution stacks to the pioneering Global Development and Support Services model. As a result, the Chetu solution gives you industry-benchmark predictability. And that can improve your odds of success in the race for competitive leadership.

We do 'work for hire services'. So if you do choose to hire us, you will own the source code and Intellectual Property of the work we do for you under our Agreement.

Our financial services are targeted across two market segments

Payment processing solutions: Chetu has developed an unparalleled expertise in implementing real-time systems with transactional security and encryption, payment processing gateways and even on creating a new financial instrument. Some of our services in this practice include:

  • Credit Cards/Debit Cards/ACH/Electronic Check processing
  • Web based authentication, auth and capture mechanisms, secure e-transactions and payment gateways
  • Check Truncation, Imaging, creation and Archival Retrieval - Check 21 Solutions
  • Electronic Bill Presentment/Payment (EBPP) - Consumer to Business Payments
  • Electronic Invoice Presentment/Payment (EIPP) - Business to Business Payments

PrePaid, & Stored Value/Loyalty & Rewards: Chetu works extensively in building Prepaid and loyalty card solutions. Our experience includes developing gateways and also applications around the core like CRM, merchant facing Card management portals, loyalty portals. This includes:

  • E-Commerce Transaction Platforms
  • Administrative, Management, Processing, Distribution, Reporting Modules
  • Independent Service Organization Solutions
  • Mobile/PDA Application Development
  • Integration to Business Platforms

Banking Services: Chetu has an in-depth understanding of the various segments that make up the banking industry and has delivered innovative solutions to a diverse set of businesses. We work closely with customers to develop comprehensive solutions that address their business needs while ensuring compliance to stringent regulatory requirements. Some of our services in this practice include:

  • Mobile and remote banking applications.
  • Backoffice integration to Loan Approval and Processing Services
  • Integration and Migration of legacy applications and infrastructure including web-enablement
  • Development, maintenance and support of Online Banking services. Address regulatory issues, including anti-money laundering, SOX, check 21 Dodd- Frank and consumer privacy compliance.

Mobile Devices/Tablet Solutions: Chetu is one of the leading providers of custom mobile application development services. We have extensive experience in this domain and have developed mobile solutions for iPhone, BlackBerry, iPad, and Android Smart Phones. Our experience includes:

  • Developing mobile apps in Netbiscuits and Sensha Ext JS which allows easy build and deployment
  • Developing mobile solutions in Native applications that run directly on the PDA OS and do not use a browser
  • Integration and Migration of legacy applications and infrastructure including web-enablement.
  • Developing mobile apps in native language but to run in mobile browser (next level of effort, no licensing here as we are writing code for the device browser directly)

Additional engagements

  • An inventor partners with Chetu to implement a new payment processing system based on a patent pending business process.
  • A prominent Bank in Southeastern US uses Chetu's consulting services for check processing.

While you will not see our name or label on these and other products used in the Financial Services ecosystem, our development work powers the products and services used by hundreds of leading companies and thousands of their customers. Please contact us to discover how Chetu can help your company join the ranks of market leaders by getting products to market faster and more cost efficiently.

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