Public sector entities and governments all across the world recognize the need for effective governance, enterprise architecture and citizen directed services. Efforts are being made to use technology to introduce more transparency and progress e-governance initiatives. However, a combination of changed circumstances related to tight budgets, recruitment and retention challenges, electronic service delivery initiatives and leadership continuity are creating challenges for such initiatives.

Chetu is committed to the e-governance initiatives and their success. Our experience over the years in both business and technology areas has led to a range of service offerings to suit the needs of Federal, State and Local governments. Our unique approach using the GDSS model allows us to provide highly cost-effective services to our customers. Some of our services include

  • Enterprise Resource Planning
  • Web solutions and e-transparency services
  • Managed Infrastructure Services, Solutions and Outsourcing
  • Managed Applications
  • Enterprise Modernization
  • E-Government Solutions /Line of Business Solutions
  • Customer Contact /Relationship Management /Case Management Solutions

Some related engagements

  • Chetu provides IT services to numerous Federal, State and local agencies. We are also on approved Vendor lists to provide IT Consulting and Application Development Services.

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