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Pharmaceutical ERP Software Solutions and Development

Globally, Pharmaceutical industries have been under significant focus due to several world events recently. Events that led to public outcries to have governments spend more and more budgets in these industries and have a direct impact in the well being of humanity. Skyrocketing costs of drug discovery & stringent measures from Regulatory Authorities have put the Pharmaceutical industry under duress to explore ways of addressing these effectively.

Chetu realizes that cutting-edge IT Solutions & Services is the answer to address the growing needs in this sector. As a leading global IT consulting and services company, Chetu is well equipped to meet these demands with a wide array of solutions. Our ongoing experience in providing IT services for this segment allows us to provide industry best practices to our future customers. Some of our services include

  • Process manufacturing
  • Laboratory Formulations; roll-out into production
  • Supplier and customer integration
  • Business Intelligence reporting
  • MRP planning
  • IT services for ERP (Manufacturing) systems including inventory management and logistics Regulatory compliance
  • Regulatory compliance

Some Related Engagements

  • A leading OTC Drug Manufacturer uses Chetu as its IT partner. We provide business consulting including ERP consulting expertise; supplier integration, IT infrastructure and IT help desk services.
  • A private label pharmaceutical company uses Chetu's services for ERP migration.

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