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SCM Software Development

Supply Chain Management Software Development

With cut-throat competition and low margins, supply chains are becoming more complex and desire the flexibility to provide new and innovative mechanisms to meet customer demands while also reduce costs. Add to that the diverse and increasingly stringent environmental and safety regulations which differ across the globe and require sophisticated management of internal processes. Ever present cost pressures require faster time to market with higher floor productivity.

Chetu offers a range of services and solutions tailored specifically for the Supply Chain sector. Drawing on our extensive knowledge of the domain, these integrated solutions are designed to optimize both business processes and operations. They increase the efficiency of your working capital and accelerate planning cycles. Our solutions have been the catalyst for striking improvements in such critical areas as order processing, order fulfillment, inventory management and asset optimization - all major factors in giving you a competitive edge in the marketplace.

We offer a broad range of IT solutions and services. Some of the featured implementations include

  • Integrated Order Procurement
  • Business monitoring, health check and planning
  • Third-party / service provider integration
  • Some others include
    • Supply chain visibility
    • Internal process optimization
    • Customer Relationship Management
    • MRP Planning
    • Bar-code based automation
    • RFID Solutions

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  • A global apparel manufacturer chooses Chetu to build and enhance its IT infrastructure.
  • A leading medical distributor chooses Chetu as its partner to provide complete IT solutions.

Integrated Order Procurement

With the advent of more secure and faster order procurement mechanisms supply chain vendors need to be prepared and be able to quickly adapt and implement them. They must possess the capability to quickly "turn on" a customer, adopt their procurement methods and provide complete visibility and response within a matter of hours, some times even minutes.

Chetu understands the needs of this sector and has developed comprehensive platform based solutions that implement procurement through multiple channels. Be it through Supplier Networks (like Ariba, CommerceOne etc.), EDI, XML, Web, email, IVR or custom point-to-point mechanisms we have built procurement platforms that funnel all these channels directly to our customer's systems and send back appropriately generated responses. Our solutions implement customer-specific requirements, if any.


Business Monitoring, Health Check and Planning

With automation and integrated platforms, supply chain providers need the ability to be able to manage and monitor the flow of transactions through their system. They should be able to maintain a dashboard of business intelligence reports that give them the business status. They should also be able to get consolidate planning and "what if" reports that guide them through decision making and future planning.

Chetu's BI discipline for the supply chain sector has years of experience working with CxOs and high level management to help them identify bottlenecks and nodes to optimize their systems. Our expert business analysts teamed with reporting gurus have created reports and BI views that have saved millions of dollars for our customers. Starting from identification of exceptions, asset allocation and planning, inventory level management to financial reporting our team has provided solutions and lived through industry best practices.

Third-party / Service Provider Integration

Businesses of varied sizes rely on service providers and leverage their capabilities to accomplish their tasks. This is especially applicable to the supply chain sector where businesses have to interact with third-party providers be it shipment carriers, financial / payment gateways, banks or others. The choice of service provider is not necessarily determined by their technical compatibility with internal systems even though that does play a significant role.

With its global expertise in providing solutions across multiple platforms, Chetu understands the business need and has provided seamless yet secure integration with third party providers. We understand for e.g. that even though shipments are carried by a third-party provider supply-chain customers demand immediate shipment tracking through the vendor's system. We have implemented successful solutions for our customers that integrate and collaborate with third-party provider's platforms whereby maintaining the free flow of information. Conversely, our solutions have automated business processes through secure and standards based integration with such providers.

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