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Team & Culture

Team & Culture

"Our advantage is our team of talented, hard working and dedicated individuals."

Chetu's deep-rooted corporate culture and philosophy of internal growth encourages innovation and promotes its team members to excel by the day. We understand that as a solutions provider we are as good as the people that our customers work with. We understand that our company is represented through each of our team members and it is imperative that each one of us provides the best in the industry deliverables.

Our rigorous recruitment process ensures that our team members come from one of the best academic backgrounds with strong industry experience, passion and core values. We invest extra resources and place special attention to make sure that we join with the best hands in the industry.

Chetu provides its team members with proper tools, training and vast pool of knowledge management resources. From e-books and e-learning tools to participation in seminars and trainings on upcoming technologies we encourage and challenge each one of us to constantly grow themselves.

Joining our team requires a mandatory "boot-camp" that trains our team members to our corporate vision, philosophy and our culture of Client Focused Delivery. We challenge each other to surpass our delivery goals, timelines and quality milestones.

Chetu follows a strict policy of internal growth. Through internal growth we maintain continuity in our organization and grow team members with the company. It is no strange fact that Chetu boasts of one of the lowest attrition rates in the industry.

Our Core Values Revolve Around the Following Model

Team Culture


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